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Xander And The Peace Pirates Interview 27/2/22

Probably the most surreal interview of the 2017 Ramblin' Man Fair weekend, took place with Liverpool's Xander And The Peace Pirates, so listen to today's Podcast Of The Day where the former Cavern residents discuss their Soul, Blues and Rock influences plus their debut album '11:11'. Unbelievably, for some reason, this really great bunch of guys did not have access to the media area and we ended up doing the interview outside with Keith Xander (lead guitar/vocals, Stuart Xander (guitars), Mike Gay (slide guitar, guitar/vocals), Joel Goldberg (bass) and Adam Goldberg (drums) - where we found out that they had already played The Rising Stage despite the RMF itinerary saying it was Sunday. Would you also believe that the guys follow up interview was with Nicky Horne, no less, and our valiant attempt to locate Nicky in the media area for XATPP was unfortunately unsuccessful (you couldn't make it up).