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Last Chance - One's To Watch 31/12/22

"By the end of the gig the crowd are jigging and dancing away as the encore breaks down into more of a jam session, which has universal approval. Traditional Chicago Blues is alive and well in North London, so, what is Paul, my gig buddy’s verdict? He seems to approve as you get to “Feel good for fifteen quid!” And with this cost of living crunch you can’t get much better than that!" This was part of our review when we caught GA-20 live on the final leg of their UK tour at London's The Garage in November (pictured/Video Of The Day), and consequently the chart topping Blues Rockers are one of four nominees in 2022 WRC One's To Watch Awards, alongside Mammoth WVH, Thumper and Naxatras. Simply choose your favourite(s) here and hit the vote button. You have until midnight tonight to make your choice and only one vote per category per e-mail address is allowed.

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