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Windows Of Your Haunt 4/4/22

On Friday 1st July, traditional Heavy Metal outfit, Haunt, will release their seventh full-length, 'Windows of Your Heart', via Iron Grip//Church Recordings, and today's lyric Video Of The Day for the title track is a foundational piece, featuring catchy riffs, big hooks and a slightly different guitar approach for the band that straddles the line between Heavy Metal and Hard Rock. Based in Fresno, California, Haunt is the brainchild of singer/guitarist Trevor William Church, whom on the live front, has assembled a new line-up consisting of his longtime Beastmaker bandmate Andy Saldate on drums, Andy Lei on guitars and Chris Fletcher on bass. Indeed, this week, the band is set to kick off a 20-date run through the western half of North America, supported by Screamer, Traveler and Saber, including the prestigious Hell's Heroes Festival in Houston, Texas, on Saturday 23rd April.

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