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When Rivers Meet Win Best Support 9/1/22

With nearly 8,000 worldwide votes being received overall, including India, Russia, Brazil, Norway and New Zealand (plus many after our deadline - nice try), today we announce the final, and lucky thirteenth winner of our 2021 WRC awards, namely When Rivers Meet, who have been voted 'Best Support', as today's Bexhill De La Warr Pavilion 'Walking On The Wire' Video Of The Day testifies (pictured). Indeed, the British husband and wife Blues Rock duo recently joined King King on their 7-date UK October tour, following the release of their debut album, 'We Fly Free', in November 2020, which subsequently saw them set a record in May 2021, by becoming the first-ever artist or band to win four awards at the UK Blues Awards including “Blues Band of the Year”,“Blues Album of the Year”, “Emerging Blues Artist of the Year" and “Most Inspirational Online Performance of the Year”.

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