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Welcome To Confusion 14/6/22

Originating from Chula Vista, California, Indie/Alt-Rock outfit Los Saints recentlyreleased their five-trackEP, 'Welcome To Confusion', via ENCI Records, along with today's Video Of The Day of their latest single, 'Lost You', that continues to build on the success of their previous singles 'IDK' and 'Fouund You Somewhere'. It's a coming-of-age record from the trio, consisting of frontman Angel Mariscal, guitarist Gianluca Exposito and drummer Emiliano Garcia, one that finds the young band striving to make sense of both where they're from and where they're going. Indeed, their sound is familiar yet foreign all at once, a reflection of listening habits that range from halcyon dream Pop to contemporary Hip Hop and everything in between.

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