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Wednesday Rocks! 7/12/22

Hot on the heels of their eponymous debut EP, released at the height of the pandemic to critical acclaim, Vancouver outfit, Mad Symphony, flex ‘Prog-Sleaze’ muscles, while expanding musical horizons, with their sophomore EP, ‘Blood 2 Dust’, released last month, of which the opening/title track attempts to make sense of human frailty and mortality, kicking off in style with the twin guitar attack of Ted Tosoff and Dave Groves, a powerful groove capably anchored by drummer Wes Hallam and bassist Amrit Prasad, plus keyboardist Mike Russel's orchestral blasts, that's also one of today's six of the best 'Wednesday Rocks!' Tracks Of The Day, complemented by five further recent and forthcoming releases from Palace Of The King, Brothers Of Metal, Varjo-Orkesteri, Bad As and Barabbas.

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