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Ward XVI Win Ones To Watch 6/1/22

"The finale sees the gleefully mad Psychoberrie and her now reanimated corpse dive into the crowd to start a fun but frantic polka circle whilst the band plays on. And a shout out here to guitarist Lex who's fretboard skills were excellent and wholly appropriate to the show. Nice Hagstrom guitar too. Ward XV1 are an interesting act that I recommend you check out for yourself. I will be seeing them again as soon as I can." You won't believe how tight the voting was in this category, but following in the exact footsteps today of Collateral (2019), Daxx & Roxane (2020) and The Howling Tides (2021), Ward XVI's performance on Day 2 of Hard Rock Hell in November (pictured), has won them our 2021 WRC 'One's To Watch' award, as testified by today's Video Of The Day of 'Burn The Witch'.

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