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Vote Now - Best Podcast 21/12/22

On today's latest 2022 WRC Award nominated Simply Country Podcast Of The Day, there's music from Littlemen, Destiny Band Oz, Miranda Easten, Piper Rodrigues, The Outlaw Orchestra (pictured), Adrienne Haupt, Bonnie Stewart, Helena Mace, Michael Botte Band, Charlotte Young, Noel Boland, Lisa Redford, Sunbirds, Scarlet's Way, Toni West, Paul Jupe, Matlen Starsley, Toria Richings, Shelly Jones Band, Shavonne Aliphon, Lynn Hazelton, Josie Laver, Brayden Ryle, Jesse Jennings, Isabel Rumble, Kellie Cain, Hayley McKay, Rebecca Richards, The Southern Gothic and more. To vote in our 2022 WRC Awards, simply go here and hit the vote button. You have until midnight 31st December to make your choice and only one vote per category per e-mail address is allowed.

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