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Two Rivers Sloman 13/3/22

Gifted with a multi-octave vocal range and also a multi-instrumentalist musician, John Sloman is a renaissance man with a singular musical vision brought to mesmeric life on his extraordinary new solo album, 'Two Rivers', due out on Friday 25th March, and his first single, 'This River Is A Time Machine', is today's Video Of The Day. Indeed, 'Two Rivers' is a distillation of Sloman’s eclectic musical progress from Lone Star to Uriah Heep, his adventures with UFO and The Gary Moore Band and his Todd Rundgren produced debut solo album 'Disappearances Can Be Deceptive'. In essence, 'Two Rivers' is a compelling cocktail of songwriting that blends crucial chapters of John’s life in song and verse, that documents John’s journey from his childhood home city of Cardiff to treading the well-beaten path to London and his encounters in the music business fronting major headline bands.

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