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Tuesday Rocks! 22/11/22

Former The Cherry Thieves and Four Stories High band member, Casey Maunder, decided to go it alone last year, and consequently this August, the singer, guitar player and songwriter from Swansea, released his first solo album, 'Until Your Heart Stops Beating', through SWND Records (now TIWN Media) that's had great reviews and lots of airplay from PowerPlay to Planet Rock, which showcases Maunder’s vocal, lyrical and songwriting range and delivers an eclectic collection of songs that range from hard edged Rock to harmony laden power Pop, such as 'Set Yourself On Fire', that's also one of today's six of the best 'Tuesday Rocks!' Tracks Of The Day', complemented by five further forthcoming and recent releases from Burnt Out Wreck, Ivory Gates, Toronto Is Broken featuring BVLVNCE, In The Next Life and The Skies Are Shifting.

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