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Thursday Rocks! 29/9/22

90's-fueled, orgasmically monolithic and with a deep Psychedelic soul, Half Gramme Of Soma's sound is groovy and trippy at the same time, and in support of tomorrow's release of the Athens based band's third studio album, 'Slip Through The Cracks', they will also be unleashing their enthralling blend of Heavy Rock plus a wide range of eclectic influences, when they hit the road next month with another up-and-coming Greek Rock God outfit, Naxatras, of which Half Gramme Of Soma's first single and album opening track, 'Muck & Cheese', is also one of today's six of the best 'Thursday Rocks!' Tracks Of The Day, complemented by five further new and recent releases from Candy Coffins, Held Hostage, The Red Mountain, Seething Akira and Narcotic Wasteland.


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