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Thursday Rocks! 13/10/22

Following their critically acclaimed debut album, 'Age Of Fear', a rich blend of Rock influences spanning Triumph, UFO, Thin Lizzy, Foreigner and so many more, Storm Force are back, comprising Canadian Rock legend and Brighton Rock founder, Greg Fraser (guitar), Patrick Gagliardi (vocals), Roger Banks (drums), Mike Berardelli (bass), plus legendary special guest keyboardist Ray Coburn (Roger Hodgson, Honeymoon Suite), unleashing a new stunning re-working of ‘Uninvited’ by fellow Canadian icon, Alanis Morrissette, ahead of a new album, tentatively arriving in the Autumn of next year, of which the single is also one of today's six of the best 'Thursday Rocks!' Tracks Of The Day complemented by five further recent and forthcoming releases from The Sluagh, Rammstrum, Novacrow, Vio-Lence and Leaflet.

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