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The Cinelli Brothers Temple Review 5/10/22

"As the second set went on, covers of ‘Wild Thing’ and ‘Johnny B. Goode’ kept the crowd moving, whilst original songs including ‘Last Cigarette’ (with Marco dictating the song from the piano), and ‘Choo Ma’ Gum’ (a romping song with a guitar hook that could make a statue dance), brought the energy in the venue to fever pitch."

Overshadowed earlier in the day by the death of our treasured monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, today not only read Chris Griffiths complete take on The Cinelli Brothers gig at London's Temple of Art and Music in Elephant & Castle on Thursday 8th September, that has been indeed well worth waiting for, but also check out Chris' fantastic photo gallery plus the Cinelli's superb 'Married Woman' Video Of The Day.

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