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Swear Above Suspicion 27/11/22

Today's Video Of The Day is 'Swear Above Suspicion', the opening track from Psychedelique Garage Noir deux-piece, West Wickhams newly released five-track limited edition CD EP, 'Magenta' - the colour of universal harmony and emotional balance - and to celebrate its release, a limited number of 'Magenta' artwork editions, with extra goodies, will also be exclusively available on Golden Believers Records Bandcamp. Before they hit the road next year, the band, originally from Tresco in the Isles of Scilly, but now based in Richmond, Surrey, and consisting of Jon Othello and Elle Flores, will be supporting The Chameleons at the Blackpool Music Bar on Sunday 18th December. Indeed, not only do the duo see themselves as an imagined rival gang to Punk style icons the Bromley Contingent, but also include Whitby Abbey, Pipe Organs, Flowers, Polka Dot Cats, Dark Punk, Gothic Novels, Rock 'n' Roll Autobiographies, Castles, Abstract Painting, Euphoria, Mist, Autumn, Halloween, Optical Illusions, Edgar Allan Poe and Andy Warhol, among others, as their influences!

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