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Sticks And Stones - My Life In Words 20/7/22

Toby Jepson, former Little Angels singer/songwriter and vocalist/band leader with Wayward Sons, releases a new comprehensive lyric song book, ‘Sticks And Stones - My Life In Words’, on Friday 23rd September, a limited edition offer that's available to pre-order now until Friday 2nd September via of which the live story and acoustic song of 'The Colour of Love', is today's Video Of The Day. After two years of performing online shows to a dedicated audience of fans, the song book contains 52 hand picked songs that span his entire career from the early days as a young song writer in Scarborough, right through to the latest album release by Wayward Sons - ‘Even Up The Score’. Accompanied by both live and studio photographs, lyrics, brand new explanations, stories and memories surrounding the song writing and recordings, in addition, Toby is also giving away a free CD of previously unreleased material.

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