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Snowy Rock & Blues 9/7/22

WRC award-winning Pete Feenstra has spent the last forty years listening to, writing about, talking about, and promoting Rock music, with a particular interest in the Blues, and Pete's latest Rock & Blues show is today's Podcast Of The Day, featuring John Scofield, Snowy White, Supersonic Blues Machine with King Solomon Hicks, Cindy Blackman Santana with John McLaughlin, Billy Preston. Mike Morgan & The Crawl, Fantastic Negrito, The Duke Robillard Band, The Sully Band, Andy Watts, Michael McDermott, Jamiah Rogers, Horojo Trio, Rob Tognoni (pictured), Kevin Burt, Lewis Jetton & 61 South, Otis Grand, Gary Primich, Albert Cummings, Albert Castiglia, Mick Simpson, plus many more.


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