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Sleep When I'm Tired 30/1/22

Released by MPress Records, hot on the heels of prior single, 'Unconditional', today's Video Of The Day of, 'Sleep When I'm Tired', is another new track taken from Poetica's, spoken-word self-titled concept album, a collaboration conceived, produced and engineered by singer and six-time Independent Music Award winner Rachael Sage, and three-time Grammy winning cellist Dave Eggar, that subsequently resulted in many renowned musicians from around the globe, contributing on arrangements, fusing poetry with elements of Jazz, Classical, Americana and Appalachian Folk. With its instantly hummable melody, harnessing Eastern European and Flamenco musical flavours, 'Sleep When I'm Tired' calls to mind such poets/musicians as Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen, Laurie Anderson, and Patti Smith. Indeed, it's a cinematic escape from the mundane that takes us on a visually beautiful, but slightly disturbing trip into the unknown, encouraging us to slow down and notice the inspiring relics left along our own paths by others, especially in these often surreal and disorienting times.


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