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Simply Benevento 13/4/22

This Summer, hallucinatory keyboard wizard Marco Benevento pulls back the curtain on his latest studio effort, simply titled, 'Benevento', that's due out on Friday 10th June on Royal Potato Family, of which the album's latest single, 'Marco & Mimo', which sets Afro-Caribbean melodic lines and sing-song, earworm vocals against the bump 'n' grind of Mamadouba 'Mimo' Camara's percussion, is today's Video Of The Day. The 11-track collection presents 40-minutes of small-batch Psychedelia, bubbled up from his home studio (Fred Short Studios) at the base of the Catskill Mountains in Woodstock, New York. Its title nods to Paul McCartney's first solo album and like Macca's eponymous release, Benevento is a similarly loose, low-key affair where song sketches and sunrise jams share space with more constructed tracks. Benevento plays all of the instruments with the exception of percussion from Camara and backing vocals by his wife and kids on a handful of songs.


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