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Saturday Rocks! 2/4/22

The first single to be released on Friday 29th April from their highly anticipated third album, 'Everything About You', also due to be released in September, The Petal Falls' 'Somebody To Love Me' is an irresistible blend of Hard Rock and Pop, with that familiar mixture of brilliantly catchy chorus's, clever lyrics and maddeningly beautiful production, that are the signature of Keith Leahy - lead vocals/guitar/keyboards, Robert Harpum - guitar, Robin Tucker - drums, Dave Richards - guitar and Marius Ryndziewicz - bass, which is also one of today's 'Saturday Rocks!' Tracks Of The Day, complemented by five further new and recent releases from Anniken, Blues Weiser, Black Rose Burning, Wasted and Toronto Is Broken featuring Sebotage.

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