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Run Away Art 17/7/22

An unapologetic ode to the audacity and playful cynicism of growing up, last month, Canada's Glam Rock artist and producer, Art d'Ecco, released on Paper Bag Records, both his brand new album, 'After The Head Rush', and his latest single, 'Run Away', which is today's Video Of The Day. 'After The Head Rush' emerges like the shadow of a sundial cast between two time zones - one in the past, and one in the present. Infused with belated coming-of-age wisdom it sparks the dawn of a new era - inspired by a move to his hometown and the thrill of rediscovering the music of his youth. With more North American dates planned for this September and November, as well as recent West Coast gigs, this year Art has already played the New Colossus Festival in New York, SXSW in Austin, Texas, plus The Great Escape in Brighton.


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