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Radiant Daisies 11/8/22

After not only captivating audiences on their European Summer tour, but also now fully energised and pumped to kick off their next round of dates in the USA next month, The Dead Daisies are set to release their sixth studio album, ’Radiance‘, on Friday 30th September, and for today's Podcast Of The Day we go back to November 2018 and Hard Rock Hell 12, when we were lucky enough to interview Dave Lowy and Marco Mendoza after their set. Indeed, the new album is ten tracks of pure unadulterated brilliant Rock, now boasting legendary front man Glenn Hughes' rock solid bass grooves and unmatched vocal intensity, as the power of Doug Aldrich and Lowy‘s dual guitars provide a wall of sonic nectar, complemented of course by Brian Tichy‘s drums, setting the engine room on fire!


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