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Oh Hiroshima's Myriad 12/1/22

Following their 2019 magnum opus, Swedish Post-Rock masters Oh Hiroshima have returned with their fourth studio album, 'Myriad', slated for release on Friday 4th March via Napalm Records, of which their beautifully crafted first single, 'Humane', is today's Video Of The Day. In comparison to previous works, remaining brothers Jakob Hemström and Oskar Nilsson (following the departure of bassist Simon Forsberg in early 2021) incorporate more influences from various genres, a phenomenon which is perfectly emphasised on this most direct and intense single, that builds into a mesmerising aura, before the track explodes into a sonic ascension of grace and breathtaking power. Indeed, the album is a mixture of emotions - from infinite sadness to moments of clarity and heart-rending melodies, blending into a rumbling volcano of aesthetic noise and ferocious power, but also the unique use of trumpets, cello and trombones throughout - that sees the duo outclass and grow.

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