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Nocturnal Isolation 21/5/22

Taking four or five years to build up a substantial following on YouTube, Nik Nocturnal is bringing Metal to the masses, and most recently he dropped a new Trap Metal single, 'Isolation', with producer deadwait (Corpse's producer) under the moniker NIK NXK, which is today's Video Of The Day. Additionally, Nocturnal debuted a cover of Chelsea Grin's 'Recreant', featuring Lorna Shore's Will Ramos, as the first of many revitalised Deathcore classics. Fans can expect more artist collaborations to come, including a 2000's-Metalcore-style release with Phil Labonte (All That Remains), plus new original music, in the form of Termina, in which Nocturnal plays all the instruments and Andy Cizek (Monuments, Makari, WVNDER) provides the vocals.

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