New Year Simply Country 14/1/22

For today's Podcast Of The Day, we welcome back Bob Angel's much missed Simply Country, as you can listen again to Fools, Shelly Jones Band, Christy Cornelius, Faith Julija, Hurricane Highway, Perley Curtis, Brendan Jermyn, Anita Spring, Vic Allen, Hannah Peterson, Police Dog Hogan, Erin Hay, Big B, Martyn Cosgrave, Alice Benfer, Johnny Chester, Clive Culbertson, Colin Lillie, Dave Sheriff, Aishling Rafferty, Bengt Petersen, Katryna Alexis, Dick Damron, Jannet Bodewes & Band, Auntie G, Faye Kristiansen, Tilly Christiansson, Conrad Bigknife, Justin Sutton, Buddy Davis, Cree Rider, Ariel Hutchins, Sandra Vanreys, Debra Dowler, Black Mountain and more.