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Nashvillains Country 8/4/22

Originally broadcast on Tuesday on Ridge Radio, listen again to today's Simply Country Podcast Of The Day featuring Nashvillains, Colin Lillie, Cliona Hagan, Ariel Hutchins, Celine Ellis, Eric Paslay, Brian Kerrigan, Chris Rose & Chelsea Berman, Noel Boland, Dan Higgins and Brendan Smoother, DBK Country Radio, Perley Curtis, Auntie G, Everette, Nancy Su, Hugh Reed, Jake Blocker, Pete Kennedy, Dave Caley, Raspin Stuwart, Fools, Sara Berki, Ellinor Springstrike (pictured), John Glenn, Sinead Black, Adele & Andy, Keith McLoughlin, Michael Tyler, Mandy Collins, Aaron Allen, Marie Conniffe, AJ Penta and more.


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