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Memento Mori 24/2/22

Released on New Year's Eve, 'Memento Mori' saw Feuerschwanz finally make their step away from the simpler humour of earlier days, to one of the most important bands in German Folk-Rock, with the outfit recently releasing their seventh video, the album closer, 'Skaldenmet',which is today's Video Of The Day. Recorded during their album release livestream, the success of 'Memento Mori' has resulted in the band's seventh consecutive week on the official German album charts, following a chart entry at #1! With chanting violin playing, the 40-minute adventure begins with its eponymous opener, a Melodic Rock anthem with a well-known medieval character, a blazing guitar riff and life-affirming lyrics, and ends in this crowning finale with its proudly advancing bass.


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