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Major Parkinson London Review 20/10/22

"To judge how the tempo increased during the set, imagine how Jon first appeared at first in a three-piece suit but at stages stripped off the jacket and the waistcoat, to be reduced to a black vest by the end, reflecting the gusto of the tunes and a response to the audience energy. Thoroughly blown away by the performance, I feel it is now time for me to listen to 'Blackbox' to confirm this band’s greatness."

A particle collider of huge, cinematic melodies, catchy Pop hooks, impossible rhythms and psychedelic lyrics, Bergen's Major Parkinson is a distinctly different band, with an unconventional, associative and almost irrational approach to the art of writing music, so check out today not only Ivan De Mello's take on their London Boston Music Room gig from Saturday 15th October, but also some photos plus our Video Of The Day of their encore.

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