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Lord Khaos Interview 19/1/22

Lord Khaos joins today's The Zach Moonshine Show Podcast Of The Day to talk about and play the new album 'MLC: XL', plus there's new releases from Post Mortal Possession, Fetal Blood Eagle, Unleashed, Edan H, Vulture, Martyr, Tygers Of Pan Tang, Maule, Damned To Downfall, Snipers Of Babel, Oceans Revival, Trouble, Eric Wagner, Smith & Swanson, Space Coke, Mephistofeles, Gaiabeta, Jason Aaron Wood, Frozen By Fire, Stonemiller Inc., Beyond The Styx, Nattas, Neuropsy, Perceived, Prognostication, Omhosten, and some classics, by request, from Orange Goblin, Amon Amarth, AC/DC, Judas Priest and Pantera.

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