Joe Bonamassa RAH Review 9/5/22

"Bonamassa's parting shot was the story behind 'Mountain Time', another from 'So, It's Like That'. Essentially his pal Will Jennings had just hit the jackpot writing 'My Heart Will Go On' for "some Canadian chick". Despite this, Jennings still agreed to meet up with Joe for a smoke etc. and, as they say, the rest is history. Cue the third and last lump in my throat from the night, as they built and despatched this titanic and defining classic, leaving yours truly a blubbering wreck. "Thank you very much" said Bonamassa, as he removed his sunglasses, before 'There's No Business Like Showbusiness' rang out around this wonderful venue, celebrating its 150th anniversary. Indeed, 'Happier Times' are back."

Today AJ gives his considered opinion on Joe Bonamassa's second night at London's Royal Albert Hall from Friday night, plus check out our photo gallery courtesy of Laurence Harvey and today's 'Mountain Time' Video Of The Day.