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GA-20 Garage Review 21/11/22

"By the end of the gig the crowd are jigging and dancing away as the encore breaks down into more of a jam session, which has universal approval. Traditional Chicago Blues is alive and well in North London, so, what is Paul, my gig buddy’s verdict? He seems to approve as you get to “Feel good for fifteen quid!” And with this cost of living crunch you can’t get much better than that!"

In September, chart topping Blues Rockers GA-20 released their third full-length record, ‘Crackdown’, via Colemine Records, and to celebrate its release, the band are currently on a European tour, and WRC correspondent Chris Bourlet recently caught them live on the final leg of their UK tour, at London's The Garage on Thursday 17th November, so check out below not only Chris's complete take on the gig, but also some photos, plus our 'Shake Your Money Maker' Video Of The Day.


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