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Focus + Devanna Music Review 6/5/22

"There’s a quote from Gene Simmons (Kiss bass player and tongue flasher) at the beginning of Rush’s ‘Beyond the Lighted Stage’ film where he is asked to summarise them: “What kind of music is Rush ? It’s….Rush” and I think Focus are deserving of a similar sentiment: they are unique, special, unshadowed and superb at what they do. Despite the complexity of the music they are so tight, so locked in, so attuned to each other, and whilst the band is quite obviously comprised of members from two distinct generations, I am sure this is completely irrelevant to these four virtuoso players who each thrive on and enjoy each others playing (check out the picture of a seemingly awestruck Thijs looking on whilst Pierre solos)."

Today read the whole of Mark C's take on Focus and Devanna Music's gig at The Beaverwood, Chislehurst, Kent, last Tuesday night, plus check out both our photo gallery and our Video Of The Day.


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