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Fireproven's Epilogue 20/5/22

Known for their long, imagery songs, as well as their energetic live shows, today's lyric Video Of The Day of 'King', is taken from Finnish Progressive Metallers Fireproven's farewell album, 'Epilogue', that's due to be released next Friday 27th May. At the beginning of this year, the band consisting of Sanna Solanterä - lead singer, Janne Väätämöinen - guitar and backing vocals, Juha Väätämöinen - bass and vocals, Ilari Hannula - keyboards and Nuutti Hannula - drums, announced that after this album they will be disbanded, with all shows cancelled. Their first album, 'Future Diary', not only got great scores in multiple reviews, but also saw the International Music Video Contest award their music video, 'Shine', with best director of photography. Indeed, the band have prided themselves on their technical abilities and musical versatility, breaking boundaries with their unique sound.


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