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Felix Rabin + Eliana Cargnelutti Beaverwood Review 24/1/22

"I am sure we’ve all seen bands and shows where there’s a hint (or more) of going through the motions, or ‘another day at the office’... but none of that here… despite what I am sure would be regarded as a slightly disappointing turn out, the music’s great, the mood joyous and infectious, the delivery flawless. Top marks from me. And, I’m pretty sure, from all in attendance. Chislehurst… you are the Blues Rock capital of the world. Well, perhaps not, but for a few hours tonight, you gave it your best."

With French raised, Swiss based guitarist, Felix Rabin, also playing The Water Rats in London tonight, it was so good to welcome not one, but two outstanding proponents of Blues Rock from beyond our shores at Chislehurst's The Beaverwood in Kent last Tuesday, so read both AJ and Mark C's take on Felix and Eliana's sets respectively, plus some great photos and our Video Of The Day.


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