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Evergrey Portrait 12/6/22

Celebrating over 25 years of Metal mastery, last month chart-topping icons Everygrey unveiled their eagerly longed for, thirteenth full-length, 'A Heartless Portrait (The Orphean Testament)', and to commemorate this massive milestone in the band's history, Gothenburg’s dark Metal masters also released their latest, emotive, mystical single, 'Call Out the Dark', which is today's Video Of The Day. A heartfelt sonic experience that wanders the realms of Prog and Melodic Metal to combine the best of both worlds into one, 'Call Out the Dark' begins atmospherically with accented keys and suddenly evolves into an intense opus of Symphonic and Power Metal attributes in the blink of an eye, not only underlining the spirit of the band in the best way possible, but also one not to be missed in this breathtaking bunch of new hits.

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