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Eurovision Trollfest 14/5/22

Even though we all hate to admit that it's our guilty pleasure, tonight the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest final takes place in Turin, and even though Trollfest failed to qualify in the Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix with today's Video Of The Day and their first single, 'Dance Like A Pink Flamingo', taken from their forthcoming ninth official studio album, 'Flamingo Overlord', due out on Friday 27th May, you can see that the eccentric Metal outfit certainly gave it their best shot! Catchy, groovy and with an impending danger of seeing Flamingos wherever you walk in life, it's the follow-up to their Napalm Records debut EP, 'Happy Heroes', delivering 11 tracks that will no doubt win new fans and satisfy the old. More flamboyant than Elton John; dance tunes that would make ABBA proud, as intense as Slipknot and cooler than Limp Bizkit -Trollfest has it all and more.


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