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Eric Gales + Danny Bryant Gig Review 9/4/22

"For me, the gig and the album were both more consistent than some of Eric’s other recent work; more Blues and less Funk and Soul and all the better for it. Perhaps having Joe Bonamassa and Josh Smith on board as co-producers of the album might be one factor. Anyone who wishes to judge for him- or herself will be pleased to know that Eric will return to the UK in June (supported then by Dom Martin) for half a dozen gigs in Leamington, Chester, York, Newcastle, Bury and Basingstoke."

Today, Gary Smith gives us his considered opinion of both Eric Gales and Danny Bryant's recent O2 Academy Islington gig in London from Friday 25th March, plus check out our photos courtesy of Tim Russell and our Eric Gales Video Of The Day.


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