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Elles Bailey Album Review 3/4/22

"Sometimes it’s not just about hitting the right notes, but having a voice that hits the sweet spot in your preferred range of vocal timbres. We all have different tastes of course, but certain voices have the ability to resonate widely. It’s not just vocal dexterity; some voices have that additional and indefinable charismatic quality, which is the case with the very charming Elles Bailey, displayed here to great effect across ten superbly crafted songs tracks of outstanding quality on her studio follow up to the excellent 'Road I Call Home' from 2019."

Following on from our recent review of her album launch at London Bridge's Omeara, plus the amazing news that she’ll be joining the legendary Don McLean on his 50th Anniversary ‘American Pie’ UK Tour this Autumn, today Simon Green gives you his complete take on Elles Bailey's latest album, 'Shining in The Half Light', plus check out today's Video Of The Day of 'Riding Out The Storm'.


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