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Elephant In The Room 7/7/22

Rising Canadian Rock ‘n’ Roll quintet, Elephants and Stars, release their upcoming 6-track EP, 'Last Chance Power Drive', on Friday 16th July, and their thundering lead single and today's Video Of The Day, 'On The Table', holds so much of what Rock ‘n’ Roll lovers crave, a four chord guitar loop and a riff that is as infectious as it is commanding. There’s also a real turn on the nostalgia in this one, taking note of the legendary Foo Fighters, with songwriter, vocalist and guitarist, Manfred Sittmann’s high vocals and harmonies, alongside the band's tight knit performance. Having taken their homeland by storm, by bringing the ever resurgent Rock scene back to its heyday, there is no doubt that this band do indeed have something extra to offer in their modern and refined sound.


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