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Dan Patlansky + Arielle Gig Review 17/4/22

"With just a dozen songs aired in 90 minutes, this was indeed a night of quality not quantity. However, playing devil's advocate, the flip side of this is choosing your set list in the future, given the undoubted quality of Patlansky's back-catalogue, plus whether you are restricted playing as a three-piece instead of a four. Ultimately, a nice problem to have, but with Dan's latest album three years in the making, we had indeed waited a long time to witness this rich collection of strong, powerful tunes live, that further showcased the vocal and instrumental talents of this South African musician. And we were not disappointed. Dan continues his European tour in the Netherlands from this Thursday 21st April."

Today AJ gives us his considered opinion of the Dan Patlansky and Arielle gig at Highbury Corner's The Garage in London from Tuesday night, plus check out our photos courtesy of Ivan De Mello and Dan's medley cover of Stevie Ray Vaughan's 'Scuttle Buttin’/'Say What' Video Of The Day.


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