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Dallas Country 4/2/22

Originally broadcast last Tuesday afternoon on Ridge Radio, listen again to today's Simply Country Podcast Of The Day featuring Ashleigh Dallas, Jason Owen, Suz Dorahy, Lynchburg, Ron Christopher, Little Lore, Billy Mata & The Texas Tradition, John Greene (pictured), Ariel Hutchins, Paul Jupe, Bruised Orange, Destiny Band Oz, Carol Markstrom, Dreyden Gordon, Hailey Whitters, Gene Bradley Fisk, Ella Powell, Andy Martin, Harleymoon Kemp, Jacob Bush, Paul McNeily, Martin Grace, Amy Nelson, Mayah Herlihy, Ross Molloy, Sam Outlaw, Perley Curtis, Sun-Pinned Leaves, Sylvia Aimee, Two of a Kind, William George, Corey Legge, Tommy Atkins, John & Nienke and more.


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