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Cowtown Country 20/5/22

Originally broadcast on Tuesday on Ridge Radio, listen again to today's Simply Country Podcast Of The Day, featuring Dallas Steele, Steve Farlow & Alastair Coyles, Allison Forbes, Chris Stei, Brian Moon, Jodi Vaughan, Rae Leigh, The Often Herd, Biddy & The Bullets, Dave Caley, Emily Faye, Gary Quinn, Gillian Tuite, Maria McCormack, Hunter Flanagan, Jelly Roll, Jodi Martin, The Hot Club of Cowtown, Lachlan Bryan and The Wildes, Little Lore, Jessee Gardiner, Rike (pictured), Dan Washburn, Ryan Sheridan, Sarina Haggarty, Tania Murray, Benjamin Adair Murphy, Jake Davey, Matt Stell, Lisa Travers and more.


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