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Chris Jagger Band Gig Review 24/6/22

"The 2022 line-up of The Chris Jagger Band features Chris on vocals and guitar, the legendary Charlie Hart (Slim Chance) on piano/accordion/fiddle, Elliet Mackrell (Kangaroo Moon) on fiddle, Paul Atkinson on drums and Paul O'Reilly on bass. The band are currently on tour with a few select dates in the UK and Europe promoting Chris's new album, and tonight’s gig in the London suburban town of Esher, was presented by legendary Disc Jockey Kid Jensen, who is also one of the theatre's patrons."

Just a day before we're off to see his brother Mick at London's Hyde Park, today read the whole of Steven C. Gilbert's take on the Chris Jagger Band at the Esher Theatre from Friday 10th June, plus check out today's Jagger brothers Video Of The Day of 'Anyone Seen My Heart?', from Chris's latest album, 'Mixing Up The Medicine'.

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