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Blank Manuskript + A Formal Horse Photo Gallery 28/4/22

Last Thursday, London Prog Gigs paired two top eclectic bands, Salzburg-based Blank Manuskript and Southampton's A Formal Horse, at Camden's Fiddler's Elbow, on a night where Art and Avant Rock met Prog, so check out, not only Bruce Biege's excellent photo gallery, but also our A Formal Horse Video Of The Day, filmed at The Railway Inn, Winchester, on Good Friday. Indeed, the Austrian outfit boast an internationally successful chamber of uncompromisingly bizarre Rock music, which has gained them a reputation for their originality, characterised by their sophisticated symphonic arrangements as well as extensive Psychedelic improvisations. As for the spicy quartet from Hampshire, their incredible musical mix of Avant-Garde, Progressive Alternative, Alternative, Prog-Rock, Avant-Prog and Rock, was very reminiscent of early Yes and King Crimson, topped off by Hayley McDonnell's beautiful vocals.

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