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Black Deer Day 2 Review 21/6/22

"So day two ended with a bang - well, lots of bangs, crashes and flashes. And soggy festival goers trying to decide if camping in a lightning storm is a good idea or not. Many found solace in the fine ales available and discussed well into the night. Having burned black on Friday, we were cooled and washed on Saturday before being readied as playthings for the weather Gods. In mythology the deer is oft the symbol of the powers in nature that are not easily subdued. Well let the Gods do there worst, because like the melanistic creature after which the festival is named, you won't put us off our live music."

Today you can read Mother's complete take on Day 2 of Europe’s premier Americana playground Black Deer Festival, that continued at Kent's Eridge Park on Saturday, plus check out our The London African Gospel Choir Video Of The Day.

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