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Billy Walton Band + Brave Rival Review 27/4/22

"Live favourite ‘Mountain’, from 2015’s ‘Wish For What You Want’ and which also features on recent live collection ‘Live From The Barn’, ended the set and after some schtick where the guitarist pretended to ask the audience to squeeze in a bit as he took a photo, he opened a nifty app that turned his phone into a mini theremin, enabling him to coax some wild notes from his Strat’ for an explosive climax. This is a band that, almost without seeming to break sweat, provide a rollercoaster wall of sound. Smooth stagecraft and sensational music. An amazingly good live act."

Today read Simon Green's complete take on Billy Walton Band's recent Tuesday Blues gig at The 100 Club in London from 5th April, with support from Brave Rival, plus check out Simon's photos and our Video Of The Day of 'Cold Day In Hell', taken on the tour at Leicester's The Musician.

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