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Better The Devil You Know 1/4/22

With all shows already sold out or close to it, Amigo The Devil (aka Danny Kiranos) continues his current UK tour with support from Katacombs (who recently released her debut EP on Kiranos' Liars Club Records label), to promote his acclaimed 2021 album, ‘Born Against’, of which the single, 'Quiet As A Rat', is today's Video Of The Day. Renowned for his macabre storytelling, ‘Born Against’ saw him expand his repertoire with romantic, philosophical and emotional narratives, without sacrificing the genre-bending style that had already earned him reams of praise and a passionate following. Harnessing the world music he grew up with, plus additional inspiration from master storytellers such as Tom Waits and Leonard Cohen and contemporaries like Fiona Apple and Father John Misty, its songs are vivid, cinematic tales of flawed protagonists on the edge, desperately clinging to some sense of stability while following their heart’s chosen path.


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