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Bernie Marsden Album Review 31/7/22

"It’s a testament to the unassuming guitarist that he tackles numbers by artists like Jeff Beck (‘Black Cat Moan’) and Jimi (‘Drifting’ and ‘Spanish Castle Magic’) and, without attempting to re-invent them in the slightest, still brings a freshness of approach through his excellent guitar work and equally impressive vocals, that makes this album a highly enjoyable listen and a bit of a drool-fest for lovers of Classic Rock fretwork."

Due out this Friday 5th August through Conquest Music, 'Trios' is the third album of Bernie Marsden's ‘Inspirations’ series, wherein Bernie pays tribute to the songs and artists which helped shape his own, hugely influential career as a composer and guitarist, so read today not only Simon Green's complete take on the new album, but also check out Today's Video Of The Day of ‘Na, Na, Na’.


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