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Aynsley Lister + Chantel McGregor Review 13/2/22

"In my opinion he’s the standout male solo Blues musician in the UK, and is up there with the best on the global scene. A lot of players know their way around the fretboard, but very few have the ability to express themselves consistently in a manner that is both individual and tastefully entertaining. It helps that this youthful looking veteran of 20 years plus on the scene has a strong, tuneful voice that doesn’t at any point descend into that dreary Blues growl adopted by too many guitarists who'd be better off taking a vow of silence."

Today read Simon Green's complete take on both Aynsley Lister and Chantel McGregor's double headline gig at The 100 Club in London from last week, plus check out some new photos and our Video Of The Day.


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