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All The World Is A Stage 12/8/22

Unstoppable throughout the seventies, becoming one of Europe's biggest bands during the Glam era, on Friday 9th September Slade and BMG release their new smash hit live box set, ‘All The World Is A Stage’, a unique five-album set that shines a light on why the Slade phenomenon was pretty much unbeatable as a live attraction, of which 'The Bangin' Man', taken from one of three previously unreleased live shows at London's The New Victoria Theatre on 24th April 1975, is today's visualiser Video Of The Day. The two other previously unreleased live shows include 'Live At The Hucknall Miner's Welfare Club' recorded on 26th June 1980 and 'Alive! At Reading', capturing the band delivering a sensational live performance to over 80,000 festival goers on 24th August two months later. Completing this raw and epic box set are the previously available 'Slade Alive!’, considered one of the greatest live albums of all time, and 1982’s 'Slade On Stage'.

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