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A New Day Kicks Off Today 19/8/22

Watch out for our coverage this weekend of A New Day Festival, that kicks off today at Mt Ephraim Gardens, Faversham, and today's Video Of The Day, 'Mine Is the Mountain', is taken from Jethro Tull's latest album, 'The Zealot Gene' released in January, with the British Progressive Rock Luminaries due to appear on The Canterbury Ales Stage at 7.25pm tonight. Today's itinerary also includes: 12.30pm Big River (The Sabine Jerram Stage), 1.20pm Rodney Branigan (The Canterbury Ales Stage), 2.15pm John Verity Band (TSJS), 3.05pm Rory McLeod (TCAS), 4.05pm Heavy Metal Kids (TSJS), 5.10pm Hugh Cornwell (TCAS), 6.15pm Kaz Hawkins (TSJS), 7.25pm Jethro Tull (TCAS), 8.50pm Stray (TSJS) and 9.55pm Ten Years After (TCAS). See you there!


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